Snorkeling for Arctic grayling in the Ingenika River Watershed

Studying Arctic Grayling in our Peace Region’s Ingenika River This is the third consecutive year of conducting Arctic grayling snorkel surveys in the Ingenika River Watershed. The FWCP’s Peace Region is the southernmost range for […]

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Arctic Grayling Photo: Steve Rooke

Join our Peace Region board

Apply now: join our Peace Region board! We are looking for a new public representative to join our Peace Region board for a three-year term starting in June 2021. As a public representative on the […]

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Deer collared for conservation data

Supporting caribou by monitoring deer in the North Columbia Eleven white-tailed deer and three mule deer in the Columbia Mountains have been outfitted with GPS collars as part of a multi-year project with Alberta Biodiversity […]

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Photo: Larry Halverson

Restoration of Kus-kus-sum conservation lands will improve salmon habitat

Restoring riparian habitat in the Puntledge River Watershed The restoration of a sawmill site along the Puntledge River is one step closer to being realized: new provincial funding will secure the purchase of the Kus-kus-sum […]

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Fifty-three nest boxes inspected

Nesting structures monitored and maintained Monitoring and maintaining habitat structures—like these nest boxes in our Peace Region—is an important part of the work we fund. This nest box and others in the Parsnip Arm, have […]

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Photo: Chelsea Coady

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Improving kokanee habitat

Restoring habitat for shore-spawning kokanee in Kootenay Lake Creating spawning habitat at McDonalds Landing Regional Park: 80 m3 of clean spawning gravel was added to a 50-m-long stretch of water near the shoreline along the West […]

Columbia Region

Community Engagement Grants

Got an idea for a project to support fish and wildlife in our Coastal, Columbia or Peace Region? Apply for a Community Engagement Grant of up to $1,000! It’s a short application and we’ll get […]


Peace Region: Alaska Highway News Articles

Alaska Highway News articles Sharing results about the projects we fund, and information about our project planning and delivery is a priority for us. In our Peace Region, we help tell our story by submitting […]

Peace Region

Conservation land acquired at Morrison Creek

Conserving wildlife habitat in the Puntledge River Watershed A 55-acre parcel of land has been protected within the headwaters of Morrison Creek, which Fisheries and Oceans Canada considers the best salmon-producing river of its size […]

Coastal Region

New program manager announced

Meet Monique Stevenson The recruitment process for a new program manager for the Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP) has concluded, and effective Monday, December 7, 2020, Monique Stevenson will take on this role. She […]


Arctic Grayling abundance could be trending upwards

Studying Arctic Grayling in our Peace Region Snorkeling counts of Arctic grayling in long-term index sections of the Parsnip River Watershed were the highest on record for five of the six sites surveyed. This project […]

Peace Region