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Northern spotted owl webcam

May 8, 2022

Welcome to the northern spotted owl webcam The northern spotted owl is one of Canada’s most endangered species with about 10 wild individuals left in British Columbia. The webcam is brought to you by the […]

Project Lists

May 5, 2022

2022-2023 fish and wildlife project lists Coastal Region Project List Columbia Region Project List Peace Region Project List 2022-2023 Project Map Coastal Region 2021-2022 Project List 2020-2021 Project List 2019-2020 Project List 2018-2019 Project List […]

Klinse-Za caribou herd size triples

April 22, 2022

Enhancing Caribou Survival in the Klinse-Za Herd The Klinse-Za caribou herd—near extirpation less than ten years ago—has tripled in number thanks to recovery efforts led by the West Moberly First Nations and Saulteau First Nations […]

FWCP Events

March 30, 2022

More events coming! Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn, or subscribe so you don’t miss out. Our winter and spring 2022 online information sessions are over for now. In-person events about our projects are being […]

Join us: new board member wanted

February 25, 2022

New public representative wanted for our Columbia Region board We are looking for a new public representative to join our Columbia Region board, someone who can bring a regional perspective to the table, represent a […]

2,000 students learn about Shuswap River salmon

February 18, 2022

Building awareness of salmon in the Shuswap River Watershed Salmon awareness programs, led by the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre, reached approximately 2,300 students, teachers, and adults. The programs aim to foster support for the long-term survival […]

Report Lists

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