Project Results

$ 9.8 million for 95 fish and wildlife projects in 2022-2023

30 Coastal Region 2022-2023 fish and wildlife projects

40 Columbia Region 2022-2023 fish and wildlife projects

25 Peace Region 2022-2023 fish and wildlife projects

Project Results

Each year we fund projects to conserve and enhance fish and wildlife in watersheds impacted by BC Hydro dams.

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Our projects can have immediate benefits to species and ecosystems. For example, if we fund a project to remove a culvert, fish passage can be improved right away. Other projects may take longer to show results. Our funding of recovery efforts for endangered Northern Leopard Frogs, caribou, and Vancouver Island Marmots are examples of where a longer-term commitment is needed before results will be evident.


Two tidal channels created in Puntledge River Watershed

Coastal Region — A decommissioned sawmill site is being restored as salmon habitat at Kus-kus-sum near Courtenay. During the second year of this project, 11,000 m2 of conservation land was recountoured, two tidal channels were created, and 5,000 native plants added to the site.

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Four bridges retrofitted with wildlife underpasses on Highway 3

Columbia Region — Four underpasses have been created below bridges along Highway 3 near Sparwood, allowing ungulates and other wildlife to safely cross the highway. In addition, fencing has been installed along two kilometres of the highway. Thirty-six cameras were used to monitor the effectiveness of the project, collecting nearly 800,000 images.

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Three bat monitoring cells added to North American network

Peace Region — Indigenous knowledge shared by Tsay Keh Dene, Kwadacha, and Saulteau First Nations has helped identify locations for three new grid cells that will track bats in the area. Each cell is a 10-kilometre square in a previously unsampled area of the province. The data will be shared with other researchers.

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Project Reports and Databases

To make it easy for you to find project reports and results, we prepare and update searchable spreadsheets for each of our regions. Use these spreadsheets to find the report you want. Contact us anytime if you need help to find a FWCP project report.

Coastal Region

Project Report List updated January 31, 2024

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Columbia Region

Project Report List updated November 27, 2023

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Peace Region

Project Report List updated February 16, 2024

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