New Columbia Region board member!

Photo: G. Rickbeil

Greg Rickbeil: new public representative for our Columbia Region board!

Meet Greg. He’s the newest member of our Columbia Region board, that is responsible for all funding decisions and the region’s annual operating plan. There are sixteen seats on the board: three for public representatives, nine for First Nations, and two each for BC Hydro and the Province of B.C.

Greg is a wildlife ecologist and environmental consultant in Rossland and has worked on large mammal ecology—caribou, grizzly bear, elk, moose, and mountain goat—in western and northern Canada for more than 15 years.

He brings a wealth of experience in wildlife habitat science, assessment, and management to the Columbia Region board. Greg says he’s excited to apply his knowledge to the board and the diverse projects the FWCP funds in our Columbia Region.

When not at work, Greg can be found exploring the Rossland Range with his wife Stephanie and their three dogs, or at his family cabin on Christina Lake.

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