Join our Peace Region board

Apply now: join our Peace Region board! We’re looking for a new public member to join our Peace Region board for a three-year term starting as early as September 2023. The Peace Region board is […]

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Project Lists

2023-2024 fish and wildlife project lists In 2023–2024, our regional boards approved ~$10.2 million for 89 fish and wildlife projects. Our Coastal Region board approved 28 projects, our Columbia Region approved 33 projects, and our […]

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Kus-kus-sum River Photo: Kaylee Duckmanton

7 new receiver stations installed

Motus Wildlife Tracking System: Peace Basin expansion Data collection about birds and bats in the Peace Region got a boost from seven new receiver stations detecting birds and bats affixed with radio transmitters. A better […]

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Photo: Cori Lausen

4,700 salmon carcasses added to Puntledge River Watershed

Adding nutrients to the Puntledge River Watershed 4,700 chum salmon carcasses from the Puntledge River Hatchery have been added to the upper Puntledge River Watershed with funding from the FWCP. The carcasses will introduce essential […]

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Photo: Courtenay and District Fish and Game Protective Association

Over 13 ha of bighorn sheep habitat treated for invasives in the East Kootenay

Invasive Plant Management on Bighorn Sheep Winter Ranges 13.57 ha of bighorn sheep habitat in Bull River, Wigwam Flats, and Columbia Lake East were treated for invasives, including 400 kg of fertilizer applied to 4.9 […]

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Photo: Teske-Phillips

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Improving Fish Habitat in the Shuswap River Watershed

Middle Shuswap River Off‐Channel Access Assessment This project will explore off‐channel habitat below Wilsey Dam to determine opportunities for providing rearing habitat for anadromous and resident fish species. This is a seed funding research project that aims […]

Coastal Region

Planning to Improve Fish Habitat on Jordan River

Design/Work Plans for Gravel Placement in Jordan River Reach 1 This project’s goal is to develop the design and work plan for placement of spawning gravel in Reach 1 of the Jordan River (Prescription Site 5 […]

Coastal Region

Supporting Hatchery Efforts to Restore Coquitlam River Sockeye

Coquitlam Sockeye Restoration Using Hatchery Intervention In this project, hatchery intervention initiated in 2015/16, will be used to increase the number of Sockeye smolts that are leaving Coquitlam Reservoir, resulting in an increase of adult Sockeye returning […]

Coastal Region

Restoring Salmon Habitat in the Stave River Watershed

Stave River Watershed: Restoring Salmon Habitat This project aims to increase and diversify off‐channel habitats within the lower two kilometres of the Stave River, to support salmon rearing and overwintering. This project will improve monitoring of water […]

Coastal Region

Searching for Caribou in the Scott West Herd Area

Conservation of Caribou in the Scott West Herd Area Through community engagement (signage, social media, newspaper, radio and hunter interviews) and the use of remotely activated cameras, this project’s goal is to assess the likelihood of a […]

Peace Region

Improving Vegetation in the Drawdown Zone at Williston Reservoir

Identification of Flood‐ and Drought‐Tolerant Plant Species This project aims to identify drought‐ and flood‐tolerant plants naturally colonizing Williston Reservoir, and assess their practicality for seed collection and seedling propagation. This information would again be helpful for future […]

Peace Region

Assessing Threatened Caribou Population

Population Assessment for the Wolverine Caribou Herd This project will provide up‐to‐date population information on the Wolverine Caribou herd by providing information on the current mortality rates, main causes of mortality, and the pattern and rate of […]

Peace Region

Improving Wildlife Connectivity in the Peace Region

Mitigating Wildlife Migration Barriers in the Peace Basin This project will seek to restore connectivity in the Peace Basin, which has been heavily disrupted by hydroelectric reservoirs and related construction, by identifying hotspots of wildlife‐vehicle collisions and […]

Peace Region