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New Columbia Region board member!

Greg Rickbeil: new public representative for our Columbia Region board! Meet Greg. He’s the newest member of our Columbia Region board, that is responsible for all funding decisions and the region’s annual operating plan. There […]

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New program manager announced

Meet Margo: new FWCP Program Manager Meet Margo Sadler, our new FWCP Program Manager! Margo joined the FWCP team on September 25 following an open and competitive recruitment process and is settling into her new […]

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Join us: new board member wanted

New public representative wanted for our Columbia Region board We are looking for a new public representative to join our Columbia Region board, someone who can bring a regional perspective to the table, represent a […]

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Supporting Caribou by Studying Forage Lichens

Effects of Logging and MPB on Caribou Forage Lichens This project assesses the effects of Mountain Pine Beetles (MPB) and forest harvesting on caribou terrestrial forage lichens on the Chase, Wolverine and Scott Caribou winter ranges. Learn […]

Peace Region

Gathering Data on Wolverine Abundance and Harvest Sustainability

Wolverine Harvest Sustainability in the Kootenay Region Wolverines are a species of management focus for the B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations due to uncertainty about sustainability of legal trapping and harvest. This project […]

Columbia Region

Studying Westslope Cutthroat Trout Hybridization

Westslope Cutthroat Trout Hybridization Evaluation This is year two of a four‐year project aimed at determining the extent of Westslope Cutthroat Trout hybridization with Rainbow Trout in the Upper Kootenay drainage system. Learn more about this […]

Columbia Region

Monitoring Mule Deer Survival in the Kootenays

Kootenay Mule Deer Survival Monitoring This is a five‐year Mule Deer monitoring project to assess factors limiting population growth and recommend actions to increase abundance. Project spin‐offs will support restoration of Mule Deer habitat in the Upper […]

Columbia Region

Protecting Grizzlies by Learning More About Huckleberries

Predicting Grizzly Bear Food: Huckleberries This project will use extensive GPS telemetry location data for 60 Grizzly Bears to identify, understand, and predict the presence of their most important regional food resource, huckleberries. Understanding ecological characteristics of […]

Columbia Region

Restoring Rossland’s Local Wetland

Centennial Wetland Restoration Project This project’s goal is to restore, protect and conserve the integrity of the Centennial Wetland, by repairing and preventing further damage and enhancing habitat. This will be accomplished by building a 40‐metre trail […]

Columbia Region

Reducing the Threat of American Bullfrogs

American Bullfrog Surveillance and Eradication Program The American Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) is an aggressive invasive species that is native to eastern North America and is a direct threat to the survival of the Northern Leopard Frog and […]

Columbia Region

Testing Maternity Pens for Endangered Caribou

Revelstoke Caribou Maternity Pen This three‐ to five‐year pilot project will determine if maternal penning can improve the survival of caribou calves and adults in the Columbia Mountains ecosystem by protecting them in a secure enclosure for […]

Columbia Region

Nesting Boxes Increase Habitat for At‐Risk Lewis’s Woodpecker

Lewis’s Woodpecker Nesting Box The Lake Windermere District Rod and Gun Club is constructing and placing nesting boxes for the at‐risk Lewis’s Woodpecker within its historical range in the Invermere area. The project will lead to an […]

Columbia Region