New board member!

Meet our new Columbia Region board member Samara Kolasko Samara Kolasko is a biologist working in Revelstoke and has a M.Sc. from Simon Fraser University. She has six years of experience in terrestrial ecosystem conservation, […]

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264,239 Chinook smolts released

Over a quarter of a million Chinook smolts released in effort to rebuild population Every year, the FWCP contributes to the Puntledge River Hatchery in Courtenay to support the production of Chinook and help rebuild […]

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Photo: iStock John Fader

Wild Bytes

WildBytes Peace Region

  E-letter Peace Region May 2022  

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Project Lists

2022-2023 fish and wildlife project lists Coastal Region Project List Columbia Region Project List Peace Region Project List 2022-2023 Project Map Coastal Region 2021-2022 Project List 2020-2021 Project List 2019-2020 Project List 2018-2019 Project List […]

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Credit: A. Glass

Klinse-Za caribou herd size triples

Enhancing Caribou Survival in the Klinse-Za Herd The Klinse-Za caribou herd—near extirpation less than ten years ago—has tripled in number thanks to recovery efforts led by the West Moberly First Nations and Saulteau First Nations […]

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Removing Aquatic Invasive Plants in Lillooet

LRISS Aquatic Invasives Project This project will remove Yellow Flag Iris and Knotweed in partnership with local stakeholders and First Nations. This two‐year project will treat areas already found, inventory adjacent areas that are at risk of […]

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Studying Fisher Use of Artificial Den Boxes

Fisher Artificial Reproductive Den Box Study This project’s goals are to: determine the extent that artificial den boxes will be used by reproductive Fishers (or other wildlife); identify the degree to which these devices will mitigate losses […]

Coastal Region

Restoring Lillooet Sub‐Population of Spotted Owls

Restoration of the Lillooet Sub‐Populations of Spotted Owls This project’s goal is to restore the Spotted Owl population within the northern extent of the Lillooet sub‐population of Spotted Owls by conducting inventories to find and protect the […]

Coastal Region

Restoring Endangered Whitebark Pine in St’at’imc Territory

Whitebark Pine Restoration in the St’at’imc Territory Whitebark Pine is an endangered keystone species of high elevation ecosystems. The most effective means for Whitebark Pine recovery is through promoting the regeneration of Blister Rust‐resistant seedlings via planting […]

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Coastal Tailed Frog: J. Hobbs

Using eDNA to Assess Tailed Frogs

Tailed Frog eDNA Assessment in the Bridge/Seton Watersheds The Tailed Frog has been identified as a management priority within FWCP’s Bridge‐Seton Species Action Plan. Up to 75 streams within the FWCP application area, will be inventoried using […]

Coastal Region

Conserving Riparian Habitats and Species‐at‐Risk in the Wahleach Watershed

Riparian Habitats and Species‐at‐Risk in Wahleach Watershed This project will create a vegetation community map of riparian habitats and inventory FWCP high‐priority, species‐at‐risk (SAR) in the Wahleach Watershed. The project will create a species‐specific inventory, in order […]

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Two owls perched

Conserving Species‐at‐Risk in the Stave River Watershed

Species‐at‐Risk Conservation in the Stave River Watershed This project will identify, protect, monitor and restore species‐at‐risk (SAR) and their habitats in the Stave River Watershed. Benefits to overall biodiversity in the watershed will be observed through multiple […]

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