Get ready for Toadfest 2024! See you at Toadfest at Summit Lake Provincial Park near Nakusp: Tuesday, July 30, 4 – 7 p.m. PT Wednesday, July 31, 9 a.m. – noon PT Toadfest is a […]

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Photo: Barb Houston

Columbia Region E-letter

E-Letter Columbia Region June 2024 E-letter Provincial May 2024 E-letter Columbia Region April 2024 E-letter Columbia Region February 2024 E-letter Columbia Region December 2023 E-letter Columbia Region September 2023 E-letter Columbia Region August 2023 E-letter […]

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Peace Region E-letter

E-letter Peace Region June 2024  E-letter Provincial May 2024 E-letter Peace Region April 2024 E-letter Peace Region February 2024 E-letter Peace Region December 2023 E-letter Peace Region September 2023 E-letter Peace Region August 2023 E-letter […]

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Coastal Region E-letter

E-letter Provincial May 2024 E-letter Coastal Region April 2024 E-letter Coastal Region February 2024 E-letter Coastal Region December 2023 E-letter Coastal Region October 2023 E-letter Coastal Region September 2023 E-letter Coastal Region June 2023 E-letter […]

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New Columbia Region board member!

Greg Rickbeil: new public representative for our Columbia Region board! Meet Greg. He’s the newest member of our Columbia Region board, that is responsible for all funding decisions and the region’s annual operating plan. There […]

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Photo: G. Rickbeil

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Cherry Creek Wetland Restoration

Wetlands Restored on Conservation Lands in the East Kootenay Waterfowl, shorebirds, Western Toads and Western Painted Turtles are among those that will be benefiting from a wetland project located near the confluence of Cherry Creek […]

Columbia Region

We’re Supporting At-Risk Caribou Herds

At-risk caribou are a priority species for us Of the 20 wildlife projects underway in our Peace Region, seven are supporting caribou, for a total investment of more than $400,000  in 2018 – 2019. Efforts […]

Peace Region

Fish Habitat Improved Near Courtenay

Puntledge River Watershed: Fish habitat improved near Courtenay Trout, Coho and Pink Salmon are already using recently restored off-channel habitat at Simms Millennium Park near downtown Courtenay. The work was completed at the end of […]

Coastal Region

Courtenay: From Sawmill to Conservation Area

Courtenay sawmill land to become a conservation area After more than 50 years the Fields Sawmill in Courtenay closed its doors in 2005 and now it’s about to get a new lease on life. Project […]

Coastal Region

Improving Vegetation in Drawdown Zone

Seed Grant project helps vegetation in Williston Reservoir DWB Consulting received a Seed Grant from the FWCP to explore a seed project in 2016. More specifically, a seed project to identify drought and flood tolerant […]

Peace Region

Wetland Restoration Project Finds Rare Plant

Rare Plant Found Near Rossland Wetland Wetland restoration and creation is one of three priorities for the FWCP Columbia Board, so there are numerous wetland projects currently being supported. One is the restoration of ​Centennial […]

Columbia Region

Racer Snake Faces Conservation Challenges

Radio-Tagged Snakes Will Reveal More Catching and tracking fast North American Racer Snakes is tough enough, but getting the conservation message to some landowners about this provincially Blue-listed species can be equally challenging. Wildlife biologist, […]

Columbia Region

Restoration Work Supports Westlope Cutthroat and Bull Trout

Volunteers Help Westlope Cutthroat and Bull Trout Our Community Engagement Grant is designed to support stewardship groups in their efforts to mobilize volunteers’ work on fish and wildlife projects. The Elk River Alliance did just […]

Columbia Region

First “Skyline” Gravel Drop Campbell River

Campbell River: First “Skyline” Gravel Drops at Elk Falls Canyon The first loads of  spawning gravel dropped from a new bucket and cable system at Elk Falls Canyon on Campbell River went off without a […]

Coastal Region