Annual Report Coastal Region 2016-2017

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Northern Spotted Owl. Credit: L. Ware

Annual Report Columbia Region 2016-2017

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FWCP funded a prescribed burn in April 2016 near Arrow Lakes Reservoir to improve wildlife habitat. Credit: BC Wildfire Service

Annual Report Peace Region 2016-2017

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Arctic Grayling or Thymallus arcticus underwater Credit: Photo: Istock/Pi-Lens

Join our Columbia Region Board

Columbia Region Public Rep Wanted on Board We’re looking for a new Board member to join our Columbia Region who can bring a regional perspective to the table, represent a broad range of public interests, […]

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We’re Supporting At-Risk Caribou Herds

At-risk caribou are a priority species for us Of the 14 wildlife projects underway in our Peace Region, eight are supporting caribou, for a total investment of more than half-a-million dollars in 2017 – 2018. […]

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Caribou maternity pen near Chetwynd (May 2017)

Update: Amphibian Research in Northern B.C.

FWCP funds amphibian research Amphibians aren’t the first group of species that come to mind when you think of wildlife. They are also relatively under-studied and we’re here to change that.  We’re funding, what we […]

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Credt: Mark Thompson

Elk River Shoreline Clean Up Helps Fish and Wildlife

FWCP funds shoreline clean up More than 40 bags of garbage, tires, and various pieces of scrap metal pieces – some weighing as much as 500 lbs – were collected and removed from the shoreline […]

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Credit: Elk River Alliance

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Update on Mugaha Marsh Bird Banding Station

Volunteers “Drive” Bird Banding Station at Mugaha Marsh The Mackenzie Nature Observatory receives funding from the FWCP to help deliver its annual migratory bird banding program at Mugaha Marsh. More than 2,300 volunteer-hours were logged […]

Peace Region

Free presentation: Kokanee and nutrient enrichment March 9, 2018

  Impact of stocked kokanee on nutrient enrichment in tributary streams to the Williston Reservoir Dr. Mark Shrimpton Ecosystem and Science Management University of Northern British Columbia   Please join us for this free presentation: […]

Peace Region