New Public Rep on Columbia Region Board

Rob Neil joins Columbia Region Board Rob Neil has been selected has the new Public Representative on our Columbia Region Board. He is a conservation biologist, having had more than four decades of experience working […]

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Arctic Grayling

FWCP identifies Arctic Grayling monitoring needs Prior to construction of the 1967 W.A.C. Bennett Dam and creation of the Williston Reservoir, Arctic Grayling were widespread and abundant. Today, self-sustaining populations are limited, and in many […]

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Arctic Grayling or Thymallus arcticus underwater. Credit: iStock, Pi-Lens

FWCP Newsletter

FWCP grant and project news 2016 – 2017

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Updated Coastal Region Watershed Action Plans Available Now

Updated Action Plans Available Now Updated Action Plans for the 14 watersheds that make up our Coastal Region are now available online. See our Coastal Region page at These new Action Plans identify our […]

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Wild Bytes

WildBytes Coastal Region October 2017

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New Public Rep on Peace Board

Brian Paterson joins Peace Region Board Brian Paterson has worked in the Peace Region for over a decade and lives near Dawson Creek. He’s a professional biologist with a diverse skill set having worked with […]

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Brian Paterson, public representative on Peace Region Board

Mercury in Fish Investigation

Update: Mercury in Fish Investigation in Williston and Dinosaur Reservoirs Our Peace Region Board approved a comprehensive study to collect tissue samples from fish in the Williston and Dinosaur Reservoirs and tributaries, in order to […]

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Photo: Azimuth-Consulting

Release of Vancouver Island Marmots reaches milestone

FWCP helping one of the rarest mammals in the world The Vancouver Island marmot is among the world’s most endangered mammals, but a captive breeding program, supported by the FWCP, is helping to turn numbers […]

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Marmots released July 5th, 2017, Mt Washington. Photo credit: Marmot Recovery Foundation

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Coastal Region Board and Committee List

Coastal Region Board and Committee List Coastal Region Board Members are responsible for guiding the FWCP’s work. From left: Larry Casper, Vivian Birch-Jones, Kim Cox, Jack Minard and Scott Barrett. Missing from photo: Ken Farquharson, Adam Silverstein, […]

Coastal Region

Peace Region Board and Committee List

Peace Region Board, Committee and First Nations Working Group Members List Peace Region Board members (pictured as of May 2017) are responsible for guiding the FWCP’s work.  Their work is supported by the First Nations […]

Peace Region

Columbia Region Board and Committee List

Columbia Region Board and Committee List Columbia Region Board members (June 2017) are responsible for guiding our work. From left: Kim Cox, Adam Neil, Rick Morley, Misun Kang, Dave White, Trevor Oussoren, and Howie Wright. Missing […]

Columbia Region

Courtenay: From Sawmill to Conservation Area

Courtenay sawmill land to become a conservation area After more than 50 years the Fields Sawmill in Courtenay closed its doors in 2005 and now it’s about to get a new lease on life. Project […]

Coastal Region