Annual Report Coastal Region 2016-2017

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Northern Spotted Owl. Credit: L. Ware

Annual Report Columbia Region 2016-2017

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FWCP funded a prescribed burn in April 2016 near Arrow Lakes Reservoir to improve wildlife habitat. Credit: BC Wildfire Service

Annual Report Peace Region 2016-2017

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Arctic Grayling or Thymallus arcticus underwater Credit: Photo: Istock/Pi-Lens

Update: Amphibian Research in Northern B.C.

FWCP funds amphibian research Amphibians aren’t the first group of species that come to mind when you think of wildlife. They are also relatively under-studied and we’re here to change that.  We’re funding, what we […]

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Credt: Mark Thompson

Elk River Shoreline Clean Up Helps Fish and Wildlife

FWCP funds shoreline clean up More than 40 bags of garbage, tires, and various pieces of scrap metal pieces – some weighing as much as 500 lbs – were collected and removed from the shoreline […]

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Credit: Elk River Alliance

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Fish Habitat Improved Near Courtenay

Puntledge River Watershed: Fish habitat improved near Courtenay Trout, Coho and Pink Salmon are already using recently restored off-channel habitat at Simms Millennium Park near downtown Courtenay. The work was completed at the end of […]

Coastal Region

Phase II of Heart Creek project to open up more fish habitat

Heart Creek project to open up more fish habitat In 2015, the construction of an 18-metre long, clear-span bridge at Heart Creek successfully allowed fish to access approximately 250 meters of spawning and rearing habitat. […]

Columbia Region

Scott West Caribou herd likely extirpated

Scott West sub-population herd likely extirpated Many central mountain caribou populations throughout British Columbia have declined significantly over the years. A project, funded by the FWCP, attempted to determine if one sub population, the Scott […]

Peace Region

New method for rapid wetland evaluation

Assessing the health of a wetland is the first step toward simple restoration efforts such as fencing, off-site watering, treatment of invasive plants, and restoration of water levels through mechanical methods. Now there is a […]

Columbia Region

Wanted: Fish & Wildlife Grant Applications from North Columbia

  FWCP accepting grant applications for fish & wildlife projects (NORTH COLUMBIA) The Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP) has now opened its annual intake of fish and wildlife grant applications. Stewardship groups, First Nations, […]

Columbia Region