Get ready for Toadfest 2024! See you at Toadfest at Summit Lake Provincial Park near Nakusp: Tuesday, July 30, 4 – 7 p.m. PT Wednesday, July 31, 9 a.m. – noon PT Toadfest is a […]

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Photo: Barb Houston

Columbia Region E-letter

E-Letter Columbia Region June 2024 E-letter Provincial May 2024 E-letter Columbia Region April 2024 E-letter Columbia Region February 2024 E-letter Columbia Region December 2023 E-letter Columbia Region September 2023 E-letter Columbia Region August 2023 E-letter […]

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Peace Region E-letter

E-letter Peace Region June 2024  E-letter Provincial May 2024 E-letter Peace Region April 2024 E-letter Peace Region February 2024 E-letter Peace Region December 2023 E-letter Peace Region September 2023 E-letter Peace Region August 2023 E-letter […]

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Coastal Region E-letter

E-letter Provincial May 2024 E-letter Coastal Region April 2024 E-letter Coastal Region February 2024 E-letter Coastal Region December 2023 E-letter Coastal Region October 2023 E-letter Coastal Region September 2023 E-letter Coastal Region June 2023 E-letter […]

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New Columbia Region board member!

Greg Rickbeil: new public representative for our Columbia Region board! Meet Greg. He’s the newest member of our Columbia Region board, that is responsible for all funding decisions and the region’s annual operating plan. There […]

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Photo: G. Rickbeil

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Salmon habitat restored at Second Island

Update: 12,000 m2 of salmon habitat restored at Second Island To help Chinook, Steelhead, Coho, and Chum populations, A-Tlegay Fisheries Society, in partnership with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and BC Parks, have restored a side […]

Coastal Region

20 hectares of grassland and forest treated

Another 20 hectares of grassland and forest treated on Tobacco Plains Indian Reserve Keefer Ecological Services Ltd. and Tobacco Plains Indian Band are working together to restore grassland and open forest habitat. The area is […]

Columbia Region

Preparing for White Nose Syndrome

Project helps prepare for White Nose Syndrome White Nose Syndrome (WNS) strikes in the winter, killing bats while they hibernate, so a team of wildlife biologists, with funding from the FWCP, is identifying important over-wintering […]

Peace Region

191 marsh bird surveys lead to conservation action

Columbia Wetlands marsh bird monitoring project Secretive or inconspicuous marsh birds in the Columbia Wetlands near Golden are being surveyed to estimate their populations and identify habitat needs. Goldeneye Ecological Services, with seven volunteers, completed […]

Columbia Region

Three male Olive-sided Flycatchers located

Studying threatened Olive-sided Flycatchers in our Peace Region In May-June 2018, survey efforts were concentrated in three areas within the study area: 1) Fort Ware, Kwadacha survey area; 2) Tsay Keh Dene survey area; and […]

Peace Region

Moose investigations: limiting factors

Background and update Moose (Alces alces) are the largest member of the deer family and are an abundant and important wildlife species to First Nations and residents of northern British Columbia (BC). Recent surveys around […]

Peace Region

Predictive wetland riparian habitat model

Refer to predictive habitat tool for wetland and riparian projects A recent project funded by FWCP and led by B.C.’s Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy resulted in a predictive wetland riparian habitat model […]

Peace Region

Columbia Region Five-Year Fisheries Program Plan

Follow our guidance for fisheries projects in our Columbia Region Our Columbia Region Annual Ongoing Fisheries Program Five Year Plan 2021-2026 details our delivery approach for directed fisheries priorities and projects. Directed projects are not […]

Columbia Region

Floating loon platforms double nest success on Whatshan Reservoir

Five floating nesting platforms on Whatshan Reservoir, near Fauqiuer, are proving successful in enhancing Common Loon productivity. Since 2013, the average nesting success has increased from 29% to 61% of pairs effectively hatching young. Productivity […]

Columbia Region