Predictive wetland riparian habitat model

Photo: Province of BC

Refer to predictive habitat tool for wetland and riparian projects

A recent project funded by FWCP and led by B.C.’s Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy resulted in a predictive wetland riparian habitat model that identifies wetland and riparian areas across the approximately 70,000 km2 FWCP Peace Region. The modelled 3-category and 10-category wetland and riparian areas are displayed through the Williston Wetland Explorer Tool (WWET), an ArcGIS platform that also displays other relevant information, such as roads and other disturbances on the landscape, that may impact wetlands and riparian areas.

If your grant application is about assessing threats and/or creating, restoring, or enhancing wetlands and riparian areas, please review the WWET and final project report to support scoping your proposed project, and align your grant application with one or more priority actions in our updated 2020 Peace Region Riparian and Wetlands Action Plan.

Please contact the FWCP Peace Region Manager for more information related to this guidance.