Join our Peace Region board

Apply now: join our Peace Region board! We’re looking for a new public member to join our Peace Region board for a three-year term starting as early as September 2023. The Peace Region board is […]

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Project Lists

2023-2024 fish and wildlife project lists In 2023–2024, our regional boards approved ~$10.2 million for 89 fish and wildlife projects. Our Coastal Region board approved 28 projects, our Columbia Region approved 33 projects, and our […]

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Kus-kus-sum River Photo: Kaylee Duckmanton

7 new receiver stations installed

Motus Wildlife Tracking System: Peace Basin expansion Data collection about birds and bats in the Peace Region got a boost from seven new receiver stations detecting birds and bats affixed with radio transmitters. A better […]

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Photo: Cori Lausen

4,700 salmon carcasses added to Puntledge River Watershed

Adding nutrients to the Puntledge River Watershed 4,700 chum salmon carcasses from the Puntledge River Hatchery have been added to the upper Puntledge River Watershed with funding from the FWCP. The carcasses will introduce essential […]

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Photo: Courtenay and District Fish and Game Protective Association

Over 13 ha of bighorn sheep habitat treated for invasives in the East Kootenay

Invasive Plant Management on Bighorn Sheep Winter Ranges 13.57 ha of bighorn sheep habitat in Bull River, Wigwam Flats, and Columbia Lake East were treated for invasives, including 400 kg of fertilizer applied to 4.9 […]

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Photo: Teske-Phillips

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Klinse-Za caribou herd size triples

Enhancing Caribou Survival in the Klinse-Za Herd The Klinse-Za caribou herd—near extirpation less than ten years ago—has tripled in number thanks to recovery efforts led by the West Moberly First Nations and Saulteau First Nations […]

Peace Region

2,000 students learn about Shuswap River salmon

Building awareness of salmon in the Shuswap River Watershed Salmon awareness programs, led by the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre, reached approximately 2,300 students, teachers, and adults. The programs aim to foster support for the long-term survival […]

Coastal Region

Wildlife corridors mapped to increase climate resilience

Conserving wildlife corridors in the face of climate change Twelve wildlife corridors in our Columbia Region have been identified as part of the Kootenay Connect: Riparian Wildlife Corridors for Climate Change project. It aims to […]

Columbia Region
Stone's sheep on cliff side

10 wild sheep outfitted with GPS collars

Assessing health of Stone’s Sheep in our Peace Region Ten wild sheep have been outfitted with GPS collars as part of a multiyear project to examine the population demographics, behaviour, distribution, and habitat use of […]

Peace Region

325 bats sampled for probiotic bacteria

Assessing white-nose syndrome mitigation options in the Stave River Watershed Bat roosts at two Stave sites have been inoculated with a probiotic-laden clay powder to protect against WNS in this project by the Wildlife Conservation […]

Coastal Region

300 at-risk turtles released in Lower Mainland watersheds

Western Painted Turtle Recovery in Lower Mainland Watersheds Over 300 western painted turtles have been released in Lower Mainland watersheds to help support the province’s only remaining freshwater turtle, which is federally listed as Threatened […]

Coastal Region

8 nesting structures installed

Improving habitat for at-risk swallows Artificial nesting structures, the first of eight to be installed in the Columbia Wetlands, will provide much-need habitat for at-risk swallows. Habitat loss is a key factor in the decline […]

Columbia Region

24 new areas of critical bull trout habitat identified

Assessing Bull Trout spawning in Williston Reservoir Twenty-four new areas of critical bull trout habitat—including 16 critical spawning zones—have been identified in the Williston Reservoir Watershed, thanks to aerial surveys of almost 400 km of […]

Peace Region