Arctic Grayling abundance could be trending upwards

Photo: iStock, Pi Lens

Studying Arctic Grayling in our Peace Region

2018 snorkelling counts of Arctic Grayling in long-term index sections of the Parsnip River Watershed were the highest on record for five of the six sites surveyed (all but the lowest Anzac River site between 16 km – 12 km; measured along the stream from the mouth). Analysis of population trends indicate a significant increase in the abundance of Arctic Grayling: greater than 20 cm in index sites over the 1995-2018 period. This apparent positive trend is considered provisional and requires corroboration in 2019 and beyond, given the abundance data are not balanced across time, and there is uncertainty about whether the extreme low water conditions observed in August 2018 may have affected counts of Arctic Grayling. The urgency for habitat conservation and restoration actions is high in critical Arctic Grayling rearing habitat of the Parsnip River Watershed, given this habitat lies adjacent to the existing road network, where intensive forestry and roadbuilding activity is now underway.

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