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New Public Rep on Peace Board

August 15, 2017

Brian Paterson joins Peace Region Board Brian Paterson has worked in the Peace Region for over a decade and lives near Dawson Creek. He’s a professional biologist with a diverse skill set having worked with […]

Arctic Grayling

July 17, 2017

FWCP identifies Arctic Grayling monitoring needs Prior to construction of the 1967 W.A.C. Bennett Dam and creation of the Williston Reservoir, Arctic Grayling were widespread and abundant. Today, self-sustaining populations are limited, and in many […]

Can Christmas Trees Create Fish Habitat?

June 14, 2017

The Courtenay and District Fish and Game Protective Association, together with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, used Christmas trees in an innovative habitat enhancement project in the Puntledge River headpond. The pilot project explored whether Christmas […]

Mercury in Fish Investigation

June 9, 2017

Update: Mercury in Fish Investigation in Williston and Dinosaur Reservoirs Our Peace Region Board approved a comprehensive study to collect tissue samples from fish in the Williston and Dinosaur Reservoirs and tributaries, in order to […]

Wanted: Heron Sightings in Columbia Region

March 30, 2017

Report Sightings of Herons in Columbia Region We’re asking the public to report any heron nest sites, active breeding colonies, or large groups of herons feeding in areas throughout the Columbia River Basin, especially from […]

Coastal Region Watershed Action Plans

January 22, 2017

Comments on Draft Action Plans Due August 21, 2017 In late 2016, we started discussions with technical experts, agencies, First Nations, public stakeholders, and communities about updating the Action Plans for the 14 watersheds that […]

Improving Vegetation in Drawdown Zone

August 15, 2017

Seed Grant project helps vegetation in Williston Reservoir DWB Consulting received a Seed Grant from the FWCP to explore a seed project in 2016. More specifically, a seed project to identify drought and flood tolerant […]

Grant Intake and Project Cycle

August 9, 2017

Our grant intake and project cycle Deadlines may change annually, but the key steps in our application and project cycle do not. 1. Grant application intake opens (summer) Our annual intake of grant applications opens […]

How are Grant Applications Evaluated?

August 9, 2017

How are grant applications evaluated? During Stage 2 of our review process, the FWCP’s fish and wildlife technical committees in each region review all grant applications and evaluate them for: Alignment with the FWCP’s strategic […]

How are Grant Applications Reviewed?

August 9, 2017

How are grant applications reviewed? All grant applications go through a three-stage review process that ends with a final decision by each Regional Board about proposed projects in each of our three regions. Stage 1            […]

Peace Region Requirements for Grants

August 9, 2017

Submit your mandatory Notice of Intent by September 8, 2017 If you are applying for a fish or wildlife grant in our Peace Region, you must submit a mandatory Notice of Intent (NOI) by Friday, […]

Peace Region Notice of Intent

August 9, 2017

Notice of Intent All grant seekers planning a project to be delivered in the FWCP’s Peace Region must submit a mandatory Notice of Intent (NOI). The NOI is part of our online grant application. The […]

Coastal Region Requirements for Grants

August 9, 2017

Review our updated Coastal Region 2017 Action Plans We are in the process of finalizing updated Action Plans for the 14 watersheds that make up our Coastal Region. Our final 2017 Action Plans will be online in […]

Columbia Region Priorities and/or Requirements for Grants

August 9, 2017

2017 Columbia Region priorities Our Columbia Region Board has identified three priorities for fall 2017 grant applications. The Board is encouraging grant applications for projects that result in “on-the-ground” or “in-stream” restoration and enhancement, especially […]

FWCP Reports

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