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New Public Rep on Columbia Region Board

August 23, 2017

Rob Neil joins Columbia Region Board Rob Neil has been selected has the new Public Representative on our Columbia Region Board. He is a conservation biologist, having had more than four decades of experience working […]

New Public Rep on Peace Board

August 15, 2017

Brian Paterson joins Peace Region Board Brian Paterson has worked in the Peace Region for over a decade and lives near Dawson Creek. He’s a professional biologist with a diverse skill set having worked with […]

Arctic Grayling

July 17, 2017

FWCP identifies Arctic Grayling monitoring needs Prior to construction of the 1967 W.A.C. Bennett Dam and creation of the Williston Reservoir, Arctic Grayling were widespread and abundant. Today, self-sustaining populations are limited, and in many […]

Mercury in Fish Investigation

June 9, 2017

Update: Mercury in Fish Investigation in Williston and Dinosaur Reservoirs Our Peace Region Board approved a comprehensive study to collect tissue samples from fish in the Williston and Dinosaur Reservoirs and tributaries, in order to […]

Fish Habitat Improved Near Courtenay

October 17, 2017

Puntledge River Watershed: Fish habitat improved near Courtenay Trout, Coho and Pink Salmon are already using recently restored off-channel habitat at Simms Millennium Park near downtown Courtenay. The work was completed at the end of […]

Scott West Caribou herd likely extirpated

October 4, 2017

Scott West sub-population herd likely extirpated Many central mountain caribou populations throughout British Columbia have declined significantly over the years. A project, funded by the FWCP, attempted to determine if one sub population, the Scott […]

New method for rapid wetland evaluation

October 3, 2017

Assessing the health of a wetland is the first step toward simple restoration efforts such as fencing, off-site watering, treatment of invasive plants, and restoration of water levels through mechanical methods. Now there is a […]

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