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3,248 at-risk Whitebark Pine seedlings planted

May 20, 2020

Growing endangered Whitebark Pine in the Bridge-Seton Watershed The objective of this project was to survey previous planting sites and to restore Whitebark Pine sites through planting. Surveyed densities identified survival rates of 55% and […]

Northern Spotted Owl Webcam

May 4, 2020

It’s happened! Chick J has found his wings Chick J has found his wings and will be in the nest less often as he explores the aviary. The good news is another chick hatched recently […]

63 projects funded in Upper Kootenay Watershed

April 9, 2020

Upper Kootenay Ecosystem Enhancement Plan (UKEEP) Great news for fish and wildlife in the Upper Kootenay River Watershed: sixty-three conservation and and enhancement projects have been funded since 2014. That’s $2.9 million for 23 fish […]

Securing conservation lands in our Coastal Region

March 25, 2020

70 ha protected in Great Bear Rainforest Salmon sanctuary protected in Great Bear Rainforest: the last unprotected private property at the mouth of the Bella Coola River has been protected by the Nature Conservancy of […]

Wanted: new Peace Region board member

March 19, 2020

Wanted: new Peace Region board member The Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP) is looking for a new public representative to join its Board in the Peace region for a three-year term starting August 1, […]

Studying Northern Myotis Bats

March 3, 2020

29 bats captured In Year 1, 58,322 bat passes from 895 detector nights of recording at 28 locations were analyzed. A total of 29 bats were captured, including four Northern Myotis. VHF transmitters were affixed […]

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