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Info kits for grant applicants

August 6, 2019

Info kit: how to apply for a grant If you’re applying for an FWCP grant in 2019, read our 2019 information kit for all grant applicants.  See FAQs on our funding page for general information […]

Action Plans: Columbia Region

August 6, 2019

Click the links below to read updated 2019 Columbia Region Action Plans Overview & Action Plans Reservoirs & Large Lakes Action Plan Rivers & Riparian Areas Action Plan Small Lakes Action Plan Upland & Dryland […]

Habitat conserved near Columbia Wetlands

July 25, 2019

The FWCP provided $400,000 towards the purchase of 423 acres to help conserve the Columbia Wetlands near Edgewater. The conservation property has outstanding habitat and connectivity for Grizzly Bears and American Badgers, winter range for […]

Archived Action Plans

July 19, 2019

Archived Action Plans These archived Coastal and Columbia region Action Plans are for reference only. They do not provide current guidance on priority actions, and are no longer the basis for project funding from FWCP. […]

Updated 2019 Columbia Region Action Plans

July 19, 2019

Updated 2019 Action Plans In 2018, the FWCP’s Columbia Region initiated a process to update its ecosystem‑based Action Plans and species of interest Action Plan. Updated 2019 Columbia Region Action Plans are now available. Our […]

Action Plans

July 12, 2019

All Regional Action Plans Coastal Alouette River Watershed Action Plan Ash River Watershed Action Plan Bridge River and Seton River Watersheds Action Plan Campbell River Watershed Action Plan Cheakamus River Watershed Action Plan Clayton Falls […]

7,900 ha of critical habitat protected

June 13, 2019

Making Darkwoods “whole” – an extra 7,900 ha of protected habitat The FWCP has been a significant contributor to the purchase and ongoing stewardship of the Darkwoods Conservation Area south of Nelson, which is owned […]

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