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Fisher Behaviour Captured on Video

February 15, 2018

Fisher Behaviour Shown in Rare Video Footage Female Fishers require tree cavities for reproduction, as they provide a secure environment for kits by regulating temperature extremes and limiting predator access. Sometimes, predation can come from […]

Input on the Quinsam River Plan

February 15, 2018

Invitation to provide input on the Quinsam River plan A’Tlegay Fisheries Society received funding from the FWCP to complete the Quinsam River Fish Habitat Restoration Plan. The goal is to provide a list of achievable […]

Cherry Creek Wetland Restoration

February 9, 2018

Wetlands Restored on Conservation Lands in the East Kootenay Waterfowl, shorebirds, Western Toads and Western Painted Turtles are among those that will be benefiting from a wetland project located near the confluence of Cherry Creek […]

Join our Coastal Board

February 7, 2018

Coastal Public Representative Wanted We’re looking for a new public representative to join our Coastal Region Board.  You should bring a regional perspective, familiarity with wildlife, fish, and environmental issues, excellent communication skills, and be […]

FWCP Governance Manual

February 1, 2018

Our governance manual defines a harmonized governance and delivery framework that recognizes the unique attributes of each of the regions in which we operate – Peace, Columbia and Coastal. The governance manual provides a structure for the […]

We’re Supporting At-Risk Caribou Herds

January 18, 2018

At-risk caribou are a priority species for us Of the 14 wildlife projects underway in our Peace Region, eight are supporting caribou, for a total investment of more than half-a-million dollars in 2017 – 2018. […]

FWCP Reports

Our searchable list of all FWCP project reports was updated April 20, 2018. We post all FWCP reports and data on Province of BC databases so everyone can benefit from the projects we fund. Contact us if you have questions.

FWCP Reports and data are also posted on provincial databases.