Project Results

$ 9.2 million for 97 fish and wildlife projects in 2019-2020

33 Coastal Region 2019-2020 fish and wildlife projects

38 Columbia Region 2019-2020 fish and wildlife projects

26 Peace Region 2019-2020 fish and wildlife projects

Project Results

Each year we fund projects to conserve and enhance fish and wildlife in watersheds impacted by BC Hydro dams.

We share project results in our newsletter, annual reports, and through WildBytes, our quarterly e-letter.

Our projects can have immediate benefits to species and ecosystems. For example, if we fund a project to remove a culvert, fish passage can be improved right away. Other projects may take longer to show results. Our funding of recovery efforts for endangered Northern Leopard Frogs, caribou, and Vancouver Island Marmots are examples of where a longer-term commitment is needed before results will be evident.

Project Reports

We also prepare and post searchable project report spreadsheets for our Coastal, Columbia and Peace Regions. You can use these spreadsheets to find links to final FWCP project reports. All FWCP project reports are posted on Province of BC databases, that way everyone has access to our reports and results. If you have questions, or can’t find a report, contact us.

Regional Project Results

We'll be updating this space regularly with project results from our regions.

5,680kgs of invasive plants removed in estuary

Coastal Region — Yellow Flag Iris has invaded several hectares of sensitive marsh habitat in the estuary. Invasive species management is a priority #1 action of the Campbell River Watershed Action Plan.

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Floating loon platforms double nest success

Columbia Region — Five floating nesting platforms on Whatshan Reservoir are proving successful in enhancing Common Loon productivity. Since 2013, the average nesting success has increased from 29% to 61% of pairs effectively hatching young.

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1943 kilometres of roads identified

Peace Region — Project identifies 1,943 kms of roads with potential for rehabilitation and or reforestation across the Chase Caribou herd boundary. The next step is to develop and implement treatment prescriptions to restore and decommission these sites to benefit the Chase Caribou.

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Annual Reports

Each FWCP region prepares an annual report that includes a financial overview and a summary of project results.

The annual reports are available by July of each year.

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We report on projects and results in our annual newsletter. Read it online now, or contact us and we’ll mail you a copy.

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Project Reports and Databases

To make it easy for you to find project reports and results, we prepare and update searchable spreadhseets for each of our regions. Use these spreadsheets to find the report you want. Contact us anytime if you need help to find a FWCP project report.

Coastal Region

Project Report List updated October 7, 2019

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Columbia Region

Project Report List updated October 7, 2019

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Peace Region

Project Report List updated October 7, 2019

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