Restoring riparian habitat in the Puntledge River Watershed

Project Year: 2022-2023

Multi-year Project

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Comox Valley Project Watershed Society


Coastal Region


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Habitat-Based Actions

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Action Plan Alignment

Rivers, Lakes & Reservoirs

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Kus-kus-sum: Unpaving Paradise Year 2

This multi-year project on the Kus-kus-sum conservation lands will focus on removing a steel-cladded retaining wall bordering the Courtenay River and restoring a decommissioned sawmill site back to its pre-disturbance state.

The restoration of this former sawmill site is a collaboration between the K’ómoks First Nation, the City of Courtenay, and the Comox Valley Project Watershed Society. This site is part of a salmon migratory corridor for the Puntledge River and Tsolum River watersheds and is of cultural importance to the K’ómoks First Nation.

Year 2 of the restoration work will include extensive earth excavation, re-grading, channel creation, topsoil introduction, and native species planting.

Update: Creation of two tidal channels among enhancements at Kus-kus-sum

During this project’s second year, more than 11,000 m² of conservation land were recontoured, 16,000 m³ of soil was removed, and two tidal channels were created. Also, 5,000 native flora were planted. This was achieved with the help of more than 100 volunteers, who learned habitat restoration techniques.