Studying Northern Myotis Bats

Photo: Zonal Ecosystem and Wildlife Consultants Ltd.

29 bats captured

In Year 1, 58,322 bat passes from 895 detector nights of recording at 28 locations were analyzed. A total of 29 bats were captured, including four Northern Myotis. VHF transmitters were affixed to two lactating females; however, the transmitters were either groomed off shortly after deployment or not relocated. One of the lactating females was tracked to a stand of aspen on the north side of the Peace River; however, the following day her transmitter was found, groomed off, on an island near the Peace Canyon Dam. A single Little Brown Myotis was also tracked to a natural tree roost. Recommendations have been included to increase capture and tracking success in Year 2. Capture efforts also revealed a likely Long-eared Myotis maternal roost in rock bluffs, along the north side of the Peace Reach of Williston Lake (Torwood Bluffs). Acoustic bat monitoring yielded a number of important observations for bat species in the region.

Learn more: PEA-F19-W-2668