New Public Rep on Peace Board

Brian Paterson, public representative on Peace Region Board

Brian Paterson joins Peace Region Board

Brian Paterson has worked in the Peace Region for over a decade and lives near Dawson Creek. He’s a professional biologist with a diverse skill set having worked with bats, birds, mustelids, ungulates, and fish, as well as ecosystem classification. He is an independent environmental consultant often designing and implementing field programs to determine potential impacts to wildlife from industrial developments.

In addition to his technical background, our Peace Region Board will benefit from Brian’s community connections. They include his involvement with the Timberline Trail and Nature Club (Dawson Creek), BC Community Bats, BC Bat Working Group, Dawson Creek Watershed Society, and the Charlie Lake Conservation Society.

“I am very excited to be a part of the FWCP’s Peace Region Board,” says Brian. “I’ve worked with FWCP on previous research in the Williston Basin and believe that the program provides an important mechanism to understand not only how wildlife adapts to hydroelectric development but to further our understanding of wildlife and ecosystems beyond the watershed boundaries.”

Brian is one of three Public Representatives, joining Ross Peck and Wayne Sawchuk, on our 16-member Peace Region Board.