New Peace Region Manager

Chelsea Coady Takes Over Peace Region

Meet Chelsea Coady, our new Peace Region Manager. This professional biologist and novice birder has worked with the Fraser Basin Council, the Province (in the Ministry of Environment) and in the consulting sector. She’s worked with First Nations, industry and government on sustainability and stewardship projects, as well as environmental assessment and permitting processes. She’s lived in the north for close to a decade since moving here from Ottawa to do her Masters of Science in Biology.

This active mom loves to be outside and you may find her bird watching, playing soccer or chasing her young son around.

“In my new role as manager of the FWCP’s Peace Region, I hope to continue to build an effective program that supports fish and wildlife populations affected by existing BC Hydro dams in this region.”

Dan Bouillon left his role as Peace Region manager in September 2016 and is now working in the West Kootenay.

News Release: New Peace Region Manager Announced

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