Electrofishing surveys conducted at 12 sites on the Yalakom River

Photo: iStock John Fader

Studying Chinook and Bull Trout in the Bridge-Seton Watershed

Electrofishing surveys conducted at 12 spatially distributed sites on the Yalakom River in the Bridge Seton River Watershed by Coldstream Ecology in October 2019, showed four fish species: Chinook and coho salmon, bull trout, and rainbow trout/steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Bull trout and rainbow trout/steelhead were the most abundant and widely distributed species observed. Coho and Chinook salmon were observed in the lower five km of the Yalakom River and at relatively low abundances. Samples were not taken above river km 32 due to cold-water temperatures precluding the implementation of electrofishing surveys. Fish habitat use in the upper Yalakom River will require additional research.

More: COA-F20-F-3030

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