Four wetlands assessed

Identifying opportunities for wetland restoration Four wetlands in the Finlay Reach of the Williston Reservoir have been assessed to help understand the distribution of wetlands prior to inundation and identify potential restoration options. At three […]

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Photo: Chu Cho Environmental

Restoration of Kus-kus-sum conservation land continues

Restoring riparian habitat in the Puntledge River Watershed A building covering 233 m2 was demolished and 117 m2 of concrete was removed from the former sawmill site. An updated restoration design was completed, alongside a […]

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Photo: Comox Valley Project Watershed Society

5,700 whitebark pine seedlings planted

Supporting endangered East Kootenay Whitebark Pine More than 5,700 whitebark pine seedlings were planted near Boswell, Kimberley, and the Kootenay Pass between Salmo and Creston. Whitebark pine is a endangered and keystone species in high-elevation […]

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Photo: K. North

Over 4,000 Chinook fry collected

Portage Creek Chinook Conservation Enhancement In 2020, six females from the declining Portage Creek Chinook population and 11 males were spawned, resulting in an egg take of 27,020, and about 4,000 offspring were safely released […]

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Chinook Photo: iStock randimal

Over 40 ponds surveyed for western toad habitat use

Habitat restoration and priority trials for amphibians Forty-two road ponds (i.e., flooded road ditch habitat) along the Webberly Forest Service Road were surveyed for use by at-risk western toads. A total of 30 individuals were […]

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Project Lists

2022-2023 fish and wildlife project lists Coastal Region Project List Columbia Region Project List Peace Region Project List 2022-2023 Project Map Coastal Region 2021-2022 Project List 2020-2021 Project List 2019-2020 Project List 2018-2019 Project List […]

Provincial Region

Columbia Region 2016-17 Projects Announced

Within its Columbia Region, FWCP is funding 55 fish and wildlife projects, valued at more than $5.8 million, in 2016-17, including 14 projects under the Upper Kootenay Ecosystem Enhancement Plan (UKEEP). Across the province, FWCP is […]

Columbia Region

Peace Region 2016-17 Projects Announced

Within its Peace Region, FWCP is funding 20 fish and wildlife projects for more than $970,000 in 2016-17. Many projects funded in our Peace Region involve local First Nations. Across the province, FWCP is funding more than 116 […]

Peace Region

Coastal Region 2016-17 Projects Announced

Within its Coastal Region, FWCP is funding 41 fish and wildlife projects for a total of $1.9 million in 2016-17. Across the province, FWCP is funding more than 116 fish and wildlife projects for a […]

Coastal Region