Upper Kootenay Ecosystem Enhancement Plan (UKEEP)

Photo: B. Meunier

The Upper Kootenay Ecosystem Enhancement Plan (UKEEP) was a partnership between the FWCP and Columbia Basin Trust (The Trust) to conserve and enhance ecosystems in the Upper Kootenay River watershed, including the Koocanusa Reservoir.  The Trust provided $3 million to the FWCP over five years, between 2014 – 2019, to implement, and fund, UKEEP projects. The FWCP delivered the projects through its existing project delivery mechanisms.

Since 2014, 63 projects – 23 fish and 40 wildlife – were funded for an investment of $2.9 million.

Projects supported through the grant application process range from grassland and stream restoration to mule deer survival monitoring, and wetland restoration. Directed projects supported to date include Koocanusa kokanee and burbot enumeration, Kootenay remote camera wildlife monitoring, and the Elk Valley elk survival study.

UKEEP funds are fully allocated. Projects in this watershed that align with our Columbia Region Action Plans may be eligible for funding. Contact us if you have questions.


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