Todd Manning Joins Coastal Board

Todd Manning

Metchosin resident Todd Manning is the newest member of our Coastal Region Board. Todd joins the nine-member Board as a Public Representative, and will be part of the decision-making and planning that guides our work in the 14 watersheds that make up our Coastal Region.

“I’m interested in promoting good land management practices and public education,” says Todd. “I’m looking forward to giving back and getting involved with the FWCP to help promote habitat conservation, innovative habitat management and enhancement practices; and new research.”

Todd specializes in terrestrial species-at-risk, and has worked with industry and government on numerous habitat and species inventories and assessments throughout B.C. He is best known for his wildlife tree work and figures he’s helped create close to 1,000 wildlife live trees across B.C.

This unique approach uses naturally occurring fungus found in each ecosystem and has been successful at bringing back habitats for at-risk birds including Lewis’s Woodpeckers, Western Screech-Owls, and Williamson’s Sapsuckers.

“I’m the only person in North America inoculating trees with native fungi to encourage rot and subsequent cavities that can be used by woodpeckers, owls and furbearers,” says Todd.

Todd is now looking at how this approach could be used to create cavity dens for Fishers. Todd co-authored Wildlife and Trees in B.C. (Lone Pine Press, 2006), and instructs wildlife/danger tree-assessment courses across the province.