Supporting Captive Breeding for Northern Spotted Owl: Canada’s Most Endangered Bird

Spotted Owl: J. Hobbs

Northern Spotted Owl Captive Breeding Program

The Northern Spotted Owl is Canada’s most endangered bird; its entire Canadian range occurs in the southwestern portion of B.C. Fewer than 30 individuals remain in Canada, more than half of whom reside at the captive breeding facility in Langley. This project’s goal is to keep this species from becoming extinct in Canada.

As the only captive breeding program for this species in the world, our objective is to produce captive-born owls that will be released into habitats protected by the Provincial Government, beginning with the Bridge-Seton Watershed. The project aims to produce 10 to 20 owls per breeding season for release. Spotted Owl releases are scheduled to start in 2017.

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