Spatial ecology of Arctic Grayling in the Parsnip core area

Photo: John Hagen

63 fish tagged in Arctic Grayling study

Sixty-three fish tagged in Year 1 In Year 1 (2018), 63 fish (50 Arctic Grayling and 13 Bull Trout) were tagged (acoustic transmitters, and/or PIT [Passive Integrated Transponder] and anchor tags), mostly in the Anzac River. Fifty-four acoustic receivers were deployed in the Parsnip River Watershed and one in the lower Pack River. Data loggers were deployed to monitor air and water temperature throughout the Parsnip Watershed. A total of 89 samples (adipose fin, muscle, invertebrates, plants, particulate organic matter) were obtained for stable isotope analysis of carbon and nitrogen. The analysis is currently being conducted in the Environmental Isotope Laboratory, University of Waterloo.

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