Restoration work at Reflection Lake benefits habitat

Photo: Goldeneye Ecological Services

Cattail control at Reflection Lake benefits marsh birds

Restoration work at Reflection Lake near Golden has improved breeding habitat for marsh birds, including the sora, Virginia rail, pied-billed grebe, wood duck, hooded merganser, and the provincially Blue-listed eared grebe.

Excessive cattail growth means less available breeding habitat for these marsh birds. Four 10×12-foot test plots have been set up by Goldeneye Ecological Services to evaluate different methods of cattail control. At each plot, the cattails were removed by hand with help from students the College of the Rockies, and different barriers laid on the ground to inhibit regrowth. As part of the project, a Ktunaxa knowledge-keeper held a workshop for Indigenous community members on harvesting and curing cattail for basket weaving—helping revive a cultural tradition.

More: COL-F20-W-3039

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