Working With A-Tlegay Fisheries Society to Develop a Fish Restoration Plan

Project Year: 2016-2017

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Chinook Salmon: James Baxter

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A-Tlegay Fisheries Society


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Research & Information Acquisition

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Campbell Salmonid Action Plan

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Campbell System Fish Restoration Proposal

A-Tlegay Fisheries Society, in partnership with Ecofish Research, is applying to develop a restoration project plan within their traditional territories. A-Tlegay represents five member nations: Wei Wai Kum First Nation, We Wai Kai First Nation, K’omoks First Nation, Kwiakah First Nation, and Tlowitsis First Nation. There has been extensive work proposed and completed in the Campbell systems.

This project proposes to collate this information with focus on the Quinsam, Campbell and Salmon rivers, and aims to develop a fish restoration plan by completing background research, consulting with other stakeholders involved in restoration activities, and verifying potential options in the field. This approach will ensure the development of the right future proposal where benefits will be maximized.

The short-term benefit is a visual presentation of projects completed to-date in the Campbell, Quinsam and Salmon rivers. This will allow A-Tlegay Fisheries Society and other interested parties to select restoration projects that align with their group’s goals, many of which are complementary to those of FWCP. It is anticipated that the project matrix will allow for a number of proposals in subsequent years, which will have significant on-the-ground measurable results.

Final Report: Executive Summary

This project is the result of collaboration between A-Tlegay Fisheries Society (A-Tlegay) and Ecofish Research Ltd (Ecofish). The project team received FWCP funding to collate existing and completed habitat restoration projects within the Campbell River system to use as a basis in the preparation of a comprehensive restoration plan. This report summarizes the results of that FWCP project (COA-F17-F-1193). Through community consultation this report examines habitat restoration priorities of the A-Tlegay member nations with respect to proposed projects within the Campbell system and provides a means to align future projects to these priorities. First Nations habitat restoration priorities were examined based on habitat type, target species, and location. Priorities were measured using an online survey as well as in-person interviews. A total of 62 respondents completed the survey. Priority ratings were developed for the proposed projects based on the survey results. Proposed projects were then prioritized based on survey results, technical feasibility, cost, and other project components. A matrix was created to summarize and rank each of the proposed restoration options. The matrix can be used to evaluate future proposals for their alignment to First Nations interests. Our project found that most of the high-ranking projects had already been completed leaving a gap in feasible future projects. This gap led us to propose projects of our own and analyze them using the matrix. Using the matrix, a proposal to identify specific restoration projects in the Quinsam River was selected.

We identified a project that ranks high in terms of First Nations priorities and is identified as a “priority 1 action” in the FWCP actions table. Therefore, in 2017 we will propose to develop a restoration plan for the Quinsam River identifying specific restoration options focusing on anadromous species. This meets the Action Item identified in the Campbell River Salmonid Action Plan which was to “Assess restoration opportunities in the Quinsam watershed for Coho and Chinook. Actions would likely also benefit pink salmon and other species.”

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