Survey of Two Tributary Creeks in the Courtenay River Estuary

Project Year: 2016-2017

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Chinook Salmon: James Baxter

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Comox Valley Project Watershed Society


Coastal Region


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Research & Information Acquisition

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Puntledge Salmonid Action Plan

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Survey of Two Tributary Creeks in the Courtenay River Estuary

This project will conduct preliminary topographic surveys of both Glen Urquhart and Mallard creeks to determine options for future stream restoration. Both creeks flow into Dike Slough on the north side of the Courtenay River Estuary, and have been severely impacted by agricultural practices and upstream urban development. Currently, they each support salmonids, but available spawning and rearing habitat is very limited, and water quality from development in the upper reaches is also a concern.

Species that will benefit include: Coho, Chinook and Chum Salmon, as well as Cutthroat Trout. Approximately 2000 metres of Mallard Creek and 3000 metres of Glen Urquhart Creek will be surveyed. Habitat features, such as pools and riffles, as well as man-made features such as ponds, weirs and culverts will also be surveyed. The survey profile and plan produced will be overlaid on an existing GPS map with accurate GPS data points included. Landowners along both creeks will be asked for permission to enter their land, and informed of the project and the possibility of future fish habitat restoration projects.

Final Report: Executive Summary

In 2016, the Comox Valley Project Watershed Society (CVPWS) obtained seed funding from the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP) to update mapping and surveying of habitat features for two tributary streams, Glen-Urquhart and Mallard Creeks, both of which enter into Dyke Slough and then the K’ómoks Estuary. This data collection was a necessary first step to help identify restoration opportunities and guide future restoration planning. It was also an information gap that was recognized by a local stakeholder committee organized by the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD). This committee is looking at the functioning of the tide gates, which control saltwater intrusion into the Dyke slough, and how the workings of the gates could be modified to improve the area for fish and wildlife.

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