Searching for Caribou in the Scott West Herd Area

Project Year: 2016-2017

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Caribou Herd: Wildlife Infometrics

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Wildlife Infometrics Inc.


Peace Region


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Species-Based Actions

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Conservation of Caribou in the Scott West Herd Area

The Scott Caribou herd, bi-sected by the creation of Williston Reservoir, apparently no longer migrates across Parsnip Reach, but remains as small, isolated, resident sub-populations on each side of the reservoir. While some information is known about the east population, almost nothing is known about the west population, and it has been excluded from management plans. Still, there are designated winter ranges for the western portion of the Scott population.

Through community engagement (signage, social media, newspaper, radio and hunter interviews) and the use of remotely activated cameras, this project’s goal is to assess the likelihood of a remnant population of Scott herd Caribou on the west side of Williston Reservoir. Determining if there are any caribou left on the west side of Williston Reservoir, as well as any baseline information that can be attained, is vital for these caribou.

Update: Herd likely “extirpated”

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