Reducing wildlife highway mortalities in the East Kootenay

Project Year: 2022-2023

Multi-year Project

Photo: Province of B.C.

Project Lead

Province of B.C.


Columbia Region

East Kootenay

Project Type

Habitat-Based Actions

FWCP Contribution


Action Plan Alignment

Upland & Dryland

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Safe Passages for Wildlife in the Southern Rockies Year 3

This multi-year project is aimed at improving connectivity and reducing collisions along Highway 3 near the Alberta border.

This year’s work will focus on improving connectivity at the Old Town and Michel Mouth bridges, installing fencing, improving the effectiveness monitoring program, and increasing engagement with the Ktunaxa Nation.

Update: Four bridges retrofitted with underpasses along Highway 3

Four underpasses have been created below bridges along Highway 3 near Sparwood, allowing ungulates and other wildlife to safely cross the highway.

Our Columbia Region board funds this project to reduce wildlife mortality and improve habitat connectivity.

At Alexander Creek, rip rap went right up to the edge of the creek but now a trail allows wildlife to safely pass beneath the bridge.

In addition, fencing has been installed along two kilometres of the highway. Thirty-six cameras were used to monitor the effectiveness of the project, collecting nearly 800,000 images.