Planning for Ecosystem Enhancement Projects Near Revelstoke

Project Year: 2016-2017

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Columbia Region: Larry Halverson

Project Lead

Mountain Labyrinths Resource Management Consulting Inc.


Columbia Region

North Columbia

Project Type

Research & Information Acquisition

FWCP Contribution


Action Plan Alignment

Riparian and Wetlands Action Plan

Project ID


Mid-Columbia Ecosystem Enhancement Projects

This is an applied research project that will create a background summary, map and catalogue, describing potential ecosystem enhancement projects that could offset ecosystem impacts from hydro dam construction and operation in the Revelstoke area, from Shelter Bay to Mica Dam.

The project will also foster partnerships between community groups, First Nations, and other interested individuals to cooperatively implement these projects over time.

Draft ecosystem enhancement project catalogue for the mid-Columbia.


Final Report: Executive Summary

First Nations, community groups and the general public in the Revelstoke area are supportive of onsite stewardship projects to improve ecosystem function and habitats impacted by hydropower facility construction and operations in the Mid-Columbia area (between Shelter Bay and Mica dam). This project compiled the scientific information about these ecosystem and potential projects into an easy to access and understand catalogue format and brought First Nations, community groups, interested individuals, local technical specialists and government experts together to review and enrich this information with traditional and local knowledge, and to build relationships to partner on implementing projects in the future.

Over 80 publicly available reports completed in the last 25 years were identified for this project. Resources did not allow for review of earlier literature. The project team scanned a short list of these documents, including original research, project reports and strategic action plans to identify potential projects for the catalogue. An Annotated Bibliography of these documents was compiled and is available on the project webpage located on the Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology website. The complete Listing of Relevant Documents is available from the Project Lead.

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