Monitoring Fish Habitat Structures Along Dinosaur Reservoir Shoreline

Project Year: 2016-2017

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Arctic Grayling: Steve Rooke

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Diversified Environmental Services


Peace Region


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Habitat-Based Actions

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Reservoirs Action Plan

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Dinosaur Reservoir Shoreline Enhancement Structure Monitoring

Between 2002 and 2007, FWCP’s Peace Region (formerly known as PWFWCP) installed 84 shoreline enhancement structures throughout Dinosaur Reservoir. This project proposes to conduct an annual inventory of the enhancement structures to confirm structure integrity and safety, and take corrective measures, as needed. These measures may involve the addition of highly visible markers for navigational purposes, reconnecting cables, or salvaging remnants of cable and associated materials from the original construction of the structures.


Final Report: Executive Summary

Between 2002 and 2006, the former Peace/Williston Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (PWFWCP) installed 84 woody debris structures along the shoreline of Dinosaur Reservoir with the intent of enhancing rearing habitat for fish residing in the reservoir. Inspections of the structures have taken place periodically since 2006 and annually since 2014. An assessment of the habitat functionally of the structures conducted in 2015 concluded that only 16 of the original 84 structures were intact and that of these, only 9 were providing functional rearing cover.

Based on the recommendations of the 2015 assessment, a public safety inspection of the 74 remaining intact and partially-intact structures was conducted in 2016 prior to the annual Dinosaur Reservoir Father’s Day fishing Derby. The status and condition of the remaining structures was largely unchanged from 2015, with one partially-failed structure having disintegrated and one structure missing an individual component.

In addition, non-functional cable, clamps, and anchors were salvaged from the shoreline at the site of failed structures during 2016.

As per the 2015 recommendations, further repair of damaged structures and construction of new structures was not undertaken in 2016.

Improving the understanding of the status and trends of aquatic ecosystem health is an objective of the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program – Peace (FWCP – Peace) identified in the Peace Basin Reservoir Action Plan (FWCP 2014). Specifically, the plan identifies the need to continue management of the remaining structures in Dinosaur Reservoir (Action 2b-2). Future activities related to the remaining Dinosaur Reservoir enhancement structures should be confined to an annual pre-Father’s day inspection to identify potential navigation hazards and incrementally hardware debris from disintegrated structures.

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