Identifying caribou habitat restoration priorities in our Peace Region

Project Year: 2018-2019

Photo Credit: Mike Tilson

Project Lead

Chu Cho Environmental LLP


Peace Region

Finlay Arm

Project Type

Species-Based Actions

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Action Plan Alignment

Species of Interest Action Plan

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Update: List of candidate roads selected for rehabilitation

A previously developed GIS algorithm was applied to produce a list of candidate roads selected for rehabilitation, which was further refined through engagement with licensees operating on the land base that could be affected by these decisions. In total, 1,942.8 km of road with potential for rehabilitation and/or reforestation activities across the entire Chase Caribou herd boundary was identified. Tsay Keh Dene membership identified areas of seasonal use and archaeological history that may be relevant to project goals. Priority areas and roads for restoration activities were identified near Johanson Lake and at various points along the Tenakihi Forest Service Road, Tutizzi Lake, the Swannell River drainage, the Ravenal and Flood Creek area to the south of the Ingenika River. The next step is to develop and implement treatment prescriptions to restore and decommission these sites, to benefit the Chase Caribou.


Identifying forest roadways for rehabilitation

The recovery strategy for Woodland Caribou (Southern Mountain population), has identified unnaturally high predation rates resulting from altered predator-prey dynamics, human-caused and natural habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation, as the primary threats to this population of caribou. Conservation efforts must focus on minimizing habitat fragmentation, access to caribou range, and the availability of early seral habitat. This project will identify, map and classify forest roadways within the Chase and Wolverine herd boundaries, according to vegetation cover, site lines, species composition and caribou movement data to identify priorities for the rehabilitation of forest roadways within the Chase and Wolverine Caribou herd boundaries.