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Project Year: 2020-2021

Multi-year Project

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University of Northern British Columbia


Peace Region

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Research & Information Acquisition

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Peace Basin Plan

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2020-2021 Colloquium presentation series

This project, led by the University of Northern British Columbia, provides education and outreach by building connections and developing relationships through a series of free presentations focused on research that is underway, or could be applied to, our Peace Region. The project will consist of a series of three invited speaker events in the fall, winter, and spring, and will feature researchers from British Columbia or Alberta, and a national or international speaker, who will present on topics related to fish and/or wildlife species in the Peace Region.

Past Presentations

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Genomic analysis of Salvelinus

Genomic Analysis within Salvelinus: Understanding Speciation and Informing Management
March 24, 2021
Find out how genetic analyses of char fish species are informing how they evolved and how they are managed. Presented by Dr. Eric Taylor.

View archived presentation here.

Restoring connectivity in rivers and streams

Dammed If We Don’t: Exploring Opportunities to Restore Connectivity in Rivers and Streams and Why It Matters
March 10, 2021
Join conservation biologist Dan Kraus and explore some of the approaches to mapping and prioritizing barrier removal and the challenges and opportunities of reconnecting aquatic habitats.

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Fishers in the Peace Region

A Tale of Two Populations: Why Are Fishers in the Peace Different from 200 kms Away?
February 10, 2021
Find out more about fishers, one of the rarest mammals in our Peace Region, with Rich Weir. Weir, a carnivore conservation specialist, will talk about this fascinating species, the key role they play in low-elevation forests in our Peace Region, and what is being done to conserve their habitat.

View archived presentation here.

Bull trout in the Williston Reservoir

Status and Critical Habitats for Bull Trout in the Williston Reservoir Watershed
January 20, 2021
Learn about bull trout status and critical habitats in the Williston Reservoir Watershed with John Hagen. Hagen, an independent fisheries consultant, will talk about why this priority species is of conservation concern, and the best approaches to conservation.

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