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Project Year: 2021-2022

Multi-year Project

Photo: R. Zemlak

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University of Northern British Columbia


Peace Region

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Research & Information Acquisition

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Action Plan Alignment


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F22 UNBC Presentation Series

This multi-year project provides education and outreach by building connections and developing relationships through a series of free presentations focused on research that is underway in, or could be applied to, our Peace Region.

Past Presentations

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Conserving at-risk Stone’s sheep in the Peace region

March 30, 2022
An update on an ongoing project to assess sheep health and examine population demographics, behaviour, distribution, and habitat in the Peace Region. Results from this multi-year project could inform future conservation and enhancement actions for Stone’s sheep.

Salmon Futures: Science Stressors and Stewardship of Salmon Watersheds

March 10, 2022
Climate change and multiple other stressors are key threats to biodiversity and ecosystem health. Salmon watersheds and fisheries are struggling, and during this presentation, professor Dr. Jonathan Moore talked about glacier retreats, sea level rises, the function of estuaries, and the importance of forward-looking science, collaboration, and co-development to align research priorities and approaches with local communities in this era of rapid change.

eDNA and Arctic grayling habitat use

November 25, 2021
Learn more about eDNA and how FWCP-funded work has helped expand the known range of summer habitat use for Arctic grayling in Williston Reservoir.
View archived presentation here.