Exploring Habitat Changes on the Chase Caribou herd

Project Year: 2017-2018

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Photo: S. Rooke

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Wildlife Infometrics Inc.


Peace Region


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Species-Based Actions

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Species of Interest Action Plan

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Chase Caribou herd response to extensive habitat alterations

The Chase Caribou herd’s population trend is considered “unknown,” while declines in most other Mountain Caribou herds are driven by unsustainable levels of predation, facilitated by habitat alteration. Since 2010, the salvage of dead pine trees has been expanding within the core of the Chase herd area and large wildfires occurred in the area in 2014; both factors contributing to a large-scale habitat disturbance. This project will assess the impacts of these habitat alterations by contrasting current and pre-disturbance population parameters (i.e., herd size, distribution, habitat selection, mortality causes, and calf recruitment). The results of the contrast will allow us to infer: 1) the potential impacts associated with recent disturbances; and 2) the conservation measures necessary to mitigate the impacts.

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