Building awareness of salmon in the Shuswap River Watershed

Project Year: 2020-2021

Multi-year Project

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Kingfisher Interpretive Centre Society


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Species-Based Actions

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Action Plan Alignment


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Conservation of Shuswap River Chinook through Education

This project builds awareness about Shuswap River salmon and the habitats and ecosystems they require. This project uses hands-on training to build understanding among school children, teachers, parents, and community members in order to foster support for future restoration actions geared at promoting the long-term survival of all salmon and the preservation of the Shuswap River Watershed.

Update: Kingfisher Interpretive Centre is adapting to COVID-19

The Kingfisher Interpretive Centre near Enderby is adapting its approach to building awareness about Shuswap River salmon, and the habitats and ecosystems they require. Through a series of videos, they are bringing salmon education to everyone! Watch the videos.


Final report: executive summary

The Kingfisher Interpretive Centre Society’s ‘Conservation of Shuswap River Chinook through education’ (Priority Action SHU.ALL.SB.04.02 Implement high priority species-based actions-P1) project, partially funded through the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, was not able to proceed as originally planned in 2020 due to the global pandemic. The KICS had to think of new ways to offer salmon and watershed education with in-person, group activities not permitted under Provincial Health Orders. The education and public awareness created by the KICS includes the following: a self-guided hike was created for site visitors to use while walking through the forest, a series of educational videos were recorded and uploaded to our new YouTube channel, a Sponsor a Salmon educational program was launched and an educational virtual “Salmon Run” was created. The alternative learning options have been successful and provided the KICS with a broader audience. The KICS continued to provide the information and knowledge needed for the creation of salmon stewards, supplying them with the understanding, awareness and compassion needed to stimulate action towards the protection of the different species and the habitats essential for their survival


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