Assessing Bull Trout in Gething Creek

Project Year: 2016-2017

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Bull Trout: S. Rooke

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Diversified Environmental Services


Peace Region


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Research & Information Acquisition

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Streams Action Plan

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Gething Creek Bull Trout Assessment

Large-bodied adfluvial Bull Trout residing in Dinosaur Reservoir use Gething Creek to spawn each fall. The number of fish using the tributary to spawn is relatively small, and appears to be declining since the reservoir’s creation. In 2015, attempts to capture Bull Trout in the plunge pool at the base of Gething Creek falls, where these fish congregate prior to spawning, failed to capture any pre-spawn Bull Trout.

This project proposes to repeat the sampling in fall 2016, in an attempt to confirm whether the 2015 sampling results were an anomaly, or if the trend toward extirpation of this population is indeed real. Monitoring is an essential first step for setting conservation priority and it offers the short-term benefit of raising awareness on issues that would otherwise go undetected. This project will provide insight to the present status of adfluvial Bull Trout spawning activity in Gething Creek.

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