Over 13 ha of bighorn sheep habitat treated for invasives in the East Kootenay

Photo: Teske-Phillips

Invasive Plant Management on Bighorn Sheep Winter Ranges

13.57 ha of bighorn sheep habitat in Bull River, Wigwam Flats, and Columbia Lake East were treated for invasives, including 400 kg of fertilizer applied to 4.9 ha in the Bull River area and 1,600 kg applied to 8.7 ha in Wigwam Flats. Approximately 150 kg of groundcover—including orchard grass, sheep fescue, June grass, and fall rye seed mix—was placed in Bull River area and a further 100 kg at Wigwam Flats. It was distributed along the treated roadside and low slopes.

More: COL-F21-W-3286

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