Northern Leopard Frog Recovery

Northern Leopard Frog: Doug A.

Northern Leopard Frog Recovery

This project involves the inventory monitoring and stewardship of the Northern Leopard Frog population at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (CVWMA). This population hosts the majority of the remaining Leopard Frogs in B.C., and serves as the source population for re-introductions and a captive assurance population.

Actions for 2016 include: calling surveys, songmeter deployment and analysis, egg mass surveys, egg mass caging and care until tadpoles are free-swimming, collecting chytrid samples; morphometrics and location information on NLF captured; tadpole trapping and young-of-year surveys; monitoring of migration; transfer of tadpoles from CVWMA to Columbia marshes; and support for captive assurance colony at Vancouver Aquarium.

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