New Coastal Region Manager

Julie Fournier Takes Over Coastal Region

Julie Fournier joins the FWCP as our new Manager in our Coastal Region.

With a Bachelor of Science from the University of Guelph, Julie has been with BC Hydro since 2007. She has extensive knowledge of our Coastal Region where she has been implementing Water Use Plans (WUPs). In 2014 she took on the role of Program Manager for the Peace WUP, which included doing trial physical works and monitoring for wetland, tributary and side-channel enhancement projects. Throughout her work she has advanced and strengthened relationships with First Nations, stakeholders and the public.

Outside of work you will most likely find Julie hiking and camping with family and friends. She is looking forward to working with, and supporting, FWCP Partners, stakeholders and aboriginal communities, and developing conservation and enhancement opportunities in our 14 Coastal Region watersheds.

Trevor Oussoren has been doing double duty as Program Manager and Manager of our Coastal Region. As we move forward, however, each of our three regions require a dedicated manager, so we are very pleased to welcome Julie to our small but dedicated FWCP team! Trevor will continue in his role as Program Manager, coordinating the activities in all three regions.