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Funds announced for Shuswap River fish and wildlife

Funds Announced for Shuswap River Watershed Fish and Wildlife

VERNON – Three projects that will help conserve habitat for salmon and Bobolinks in the Shuswap River watershed will benefit from close to $247,000 in funding from the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP).

FWCP funding will help restore more than 720m of shoreline habitat near the Middle Shuwswap River, improving spawning, habitat and cover for salmon. A second project will explore the impact of Wilsey Dam turbines on juvenile salmon.

The Bobolink is the focus of a bird project that will help protect breeding habitat and colonies for the small black bird.

Projects funded in the Shuswap River watershed will start this spring and conclude by early 2015. They are among 31 fish and wildlife projects approved for more than $1.7 million in funding this year in the FWCP’s Coastal Region, which includes the Shuswap River watershed.


Greg Kyllo, MLA for Shushwap
“I spend a lot of time out on the water, whether on my own or with family and friends. The outdoors is and always will be a big part of my life. It should come as no surprise that I am a big supporter of these Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program initiatives, which will protect and enhance our province’s natural heritage for generations to come.”

Brian Assu, Chair, FWCP – Coastal Regional Board
“Hands-on efforts to improve habitat for fish and wildlife are important, as are projects that improve our science- based understanding to support future projects. We are fortunate to have strong working partnerships with conservation groups and the public to make a real difference in this watershed.”

Patrice Rother, Manager, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program
“We are pleased with the strong interest in the FWCP and the quality of project proposals that support the FWCP vision of thriving populations in watersheds that are functioning and sustainable.”

A few facts about the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program

• The Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program funds conservation and enhancement projects in the Coastal, Columbia River and Peace River regions. The Coastal Region includes Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland and the Southern Interior.
• In 2014, the FWCP will provide more than $7 million towards more than 80 fish and wildlife projects province-wide in its Coastal, Columbia and Peace regions.
• FWCP funds are provided by BC Hydro and managed in a partnership with the Province of British Columbia, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, First Nations and the public to conserve and enhance fish and wildlife impacted by the creation of BC Hydro dams.
• Funding applications are received each fall and reviewed annually in the Coastal Region by technical committees and FWCP Coastal Board members. Projects are chosen based on technical merit, linkages to watershed-specific priorities, cost-effectiveness, level of partnership, and overall benefit to the FWCP’s mandate and vision.
• For a full list and descriptions of all 2014 projects funded by the FWCP across the province, and information on how you can apply for funding next year, visit

Angus Glass
FWCP Communications Coordinator Phone: 250-352-1300