Funds announced for Peace River and Williston Reservoir fish and wildlife

PEACE REGION – Seven conservation projects in the Peace River and Williston Reservoir watershed are being given close to $260,000 in funding through the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP). Community groups and others will use the money to support local caribou, moose, fish and birds. Some of the money will go towards environmental education.

The 2014 projects funded include fish access improvements, controlled burns to restore ecosystems, monitoring birds in the reservoir, maintaining manmade waterfowl nesting sites, increasing knowledge of caribou on the west side of the reservoir and environmental education.

This is the first year that FWCP-Peace has invited community groups and others to apply for funds to do important local fish and wildlife projects. Interested groups and individuals can apply for funding in fall 2014 and contact the program manager for more information on funding priorities and evaluation criteria. Learn more at