Floating loon platforms performing well after seven years

Photo: iStock

Three floating nest platforms for common loons in the North Columbia have recently been monitored and maintained by Yucwmenlúcwu (Splatsin Caretakers of the Land LLP). All are in good condition and covered with vegetation. More importantly, two of the three were used for nesting habitat during the last breeding season.

Loons typically build their nests at the water’s edge, making them vulnerable to several threats, including fluctuating water levels—which is where floating platforms can help. Our Columbia Region’s Small Lakes Action Plan identifies the common loon as a focal species and highlights the potential to compensate for habitat loss through the provision of secure nesting sites.

For the Secwepemc Nation people, the common loon (‘iswat’) is considered a powerful and treasured guardian spirit (seméc). Nearly 95% of the global population breeds in Canada, highlighting the importance of conserving breeding habitat.

The artificial nesting platforms are floating on Staubert Lake near Nakusp, and Aide and Treasure lakes near Bush Arm, at the south end of the Kinbasket Reservoir.

Project ID: COL-F22-W-3579-DCA

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