Fish habitat improvement in the Comox Valley starts as Seed Grant

In 2016 the Comox Valley Watershed Society’s grant application for a Seed Grant from the FWCP was approved. The society had an idea to connect fish habitat, but needed to develop the idea further before starting the work. The Society used the FWCP Seed Grant to determine how to improve side channel connectivity in Simms Park on the Courtenay River. If it could be done, this work would support Coho, Chinook, and Chum Salmon as well as Cutthroat Trout. With help from a Seed Grant, the Society developed a concept plan and budget for the work.

Then the Society applied for a Large Grant from the FWCP. The grant application was approved and in 2017 the Society’s plans to improve connectivity for salmonids are being implemented. The Society is constructing a flow-through channel. A culvert will be lowered to make it fish friendly and improve access to upstream habitat for juvenile salmonids. The area will also be enhanced with deeper pools, with in-stream complexing and riparian planting.

It all started with an FWCP Seed Grant. Contact us. Let’s talk about your Large Project idea and if a Seed Grant can help get you started.