865 trees and shrubs planted on two islands

Restoring riparian and wetland habitat at Indian Creek

In October 2018, Phase 3 of the project was implemented, which included planting 865 trees and shrubs within Habitat Islands 4 and 5, throughout an area of 1800 m2 along Indian Creek. Two solarization treatment plots were installed to treat Reed Canary Grass and improve the competitive advantage of the plantings. Browse deterrent spray was applied to all plants to prevent ungulate damage. Permanent monitoring plots in Habitat Islands 1-3 were revisited and monitored to ensure that restoration is successful and to provide information for ongoing adaptive management of the site. Repeat estimates of height, area, vigour, and browse was collected for each plant in each plot. Three additional plots were added to increase the number of observations. Though browse pressure remained generally low within Habitat Islands 1-3, overall survival of plantings has declined to 55%. Several factors may be influencing this result, including prolonged inundation during spring high water in 2018, drought during 2017 and 2018, and increased competition from grasses. The project is successful with continued participation by LKB community members. A total of 1.14 ha has been planted with native species during all phases of the project to-date.

More: COL-F19-W-2696

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