45 bat houses installed

Photo: Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project

Conserving bats and their habitat in the Clowhom River Watershed

Bats in the Clowhom River Watershed will benefit from 45 newly installed bat houses. A local maternity box cluster—used by more than 600 bats—has been repaired and upgraded. This work will help ensure the survival of bats and their habitat in the watershed and surrounding communities.

The Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project—a group of biologists working with the community to conserve, restore, and enhance wildlife habitat—is leading this project. They have also documented 74 new bat roosts, including a maternity colony with over 400 bats, and are working with landowners to protect these sites. Emergence counts—when bats leave a site at dusk—have been conducted at more than 100 sites, and community outreach has been delivered through school programs and seven bat house-building workshops.

More: COA-F20-W-3117