37 Portage Creek Chinook successfully spawned

Photo: iStock, randimal

Helping rebuild Chinook stocks in the Bridge-Seton Watershed

Unprecedented broodstock collection efforts took place from October 15–28, 2019, resulting in the first ever successful spawning of Portage Creek Chinook in the Bridge-Seton River Watershed. Gametes (reproductive cells) were collected on-site from adults and transported back to Tenderfoot Creek Hatchery. A total of 12 females and 25 males were spawned, for a total egg take of 54,300 eggs and an average fecundity of 4,525 eggs per female. Offspring from female fish with low-positive detections of bacterial kidney disease (approximately 4,000 fish) were released as fry on February 19, 2020. All fry were transported and released safely in healthy condition. The remaining 48,000 Portage Creek Chinook will be released as yearling smolts. Tenderfoot staff conducted the collection activities with support from St’at’imc Eco-Resources Ltd. and Salmonid Enhancement Program (SEP) staff from DFO regional headquarters.

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